Customer Service

Sincerity as the moral, whole-hearted in service

Palak Elevators & Escalators Ltd is customer-oriented, serve sincerely and interpret quality by heart. From before sales to elevator installation and after sales maintaining, we provide the most considerate and elaborate service during the whole process. We try our best to make our service much better, and that has wined mass of customers.

Concentration—24-hour at your service

Palak Elevators & Escalators Ltd has built up an in time, fast and efficient 24-hour emergency repair service network to give you satisfied service.

Elaboration— Careful training as for perfect running

To let the elevator serve you better, we will provide free training at the installing site. Thus, you can be familiar with the products faster, understand the fixing and maintaining techniques and extend the using durability of the equipment scientifically.

Patience—regular maintenance, everlasting service

The service of Palak Elevators & Escalators Ltd is through the whole life periods of the elevator, so we will be responsible for the manufacture, installation, fixing and maintenance. We will send professional supervisor to repair and maintain the elevator every month to ensure the long running of the elevator and better service for your buildings.