About Palak Elevators and Escalators Ltd

Palak Elevators and Escalators is an internationa company under the Palak Group of companies specifically for the international and Local Market. We are major elevator & escalator supplier in East and Central Africa, technology originated in Germany, annual production capacity over 10,000 units‎.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of various types of elevator And 5 years experience in exporting different kinds of elevator  to all over the world,“Always Top Quality” is our promise. We are committed to provide high quality elevator with reasonable price to profit our partners and customers, and to make Palak Elevators one of the most competitive brands.

Why We Are Diferent

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With global and local optimal combination, we can offer solutions of vertical and horizontal passenger/freight transportation for international customers. As a whole manufacturing, research and development, sales, maintenance services in one company, we will make all-round cooperation with international customers for our innovative technology, good solutions of outstanding products.

optimizationProduction process optimization

We use the most advanced technology, and constantly strive to improve quality, while we keep down our production cost of our products. Additionally, we’ve established detailed technical and inspection standards, and strictly inspect each component, to ensure the quality of our elevators.