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Palak Elevators and Escalators is an international company under the Palak Group of companies specifically for the international and Local Market. We are major elevator & escalator supplier in East and Central Africa, technology originated in Germany and China, annual production capacity over 10,000 units‎.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of various types of elevator And 5 years experience in exporting different kinds of elevator  to all over the world,“Always Top Quality” is our promise. We are committed to provide high quality elevator with reasonable price to profit our partners and customers, and to make Palak Elevators one of the most competitive brands.

Why Us

Amazing Price

Palak elevator products are available in a range to fit nearly every budget and design taste. Our Sales will work with you to propose a solution that can be practical, affordable and beautiful.

Available Finishes

Palak Elevator offers a variety of finishes and options with dozens of combinations to match any home decor or design taste.

Repair & Maintenance

Choosing Palak elevator,you will enjoy a level of personalized care and attention that our competitors can’t touch.

Elevator Components

In order to ensure the good health of your elevator, Palak offers and replaces some wearing components during the guarantee period.

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What our Clients say

Thanks Palak Elevators and Escalators Ltd for doing the job for us and doing a good job at that. I think thats the first time we’ve ever passed an elevator inspection first time around! Thanks again for doing a ggod job and look forward to the next one.

LewisCEO- Datacare

It is the first elevator we have ever installed and it went very smooth. it came together excellent and cordiantion went very well! The inspection passed with flyin colors!

PatrickMD - ABC Company