Palak Group is committed towards a safer and healthier work environment. Every worker is provided with proper first-in-class safety equipment making it safe for them to undertake different tasks throughout the day.  Mock drills and seminars that are conducted on a quarterly basis also help in cross-checking the safety knowledge and awareness amongst the workers, and bridge any communication gap that might exist between the workers and our safety department. Regular health check-ups are done at the plant, with compulsory participation for all workers to make certain that their health is not being compromised in anyway.

Everyone entering the plant has to go through a safety training program, in which we teach them all the basic measures that one needs to follow in case of emergencies and in general. The task here is to inform, educate and train employees and visitors in the vicinity of the plant about the hazards and preventive measures. Mock drills are conducted every month with four mock drills witnessed by the respective district authorities every year.

With an extensive safety and health policy in place, a comprehensive system is built around the framework of the plants to manage safety measures of the highest order. It involves daily rounds by HODs of every department, appointment of safety captains, officers and internal as well as external safety audits to look into preventive and safety measures for the plant. A unique safety rewards and penalty program has been introduced with regular inspections and checks.

At our Kikuyu plant we also have an adequately equipped Health Care Center with two 24-hours in-house doctors, that is contracted to be in standby to handle any cases that may arise. The Health Care Center has  in service  adequate medical staff and ambulance.