Water is one of the most important elements provided by Mother Nature. It’s necessary for life. There is no denying the value it holds in steel industries. Without water most of the technology at various steel plants throughout the world would not function and the steel as you know it would not be made.

In the steel sector, water carries out a variety of functions.  Most of the water used in a steel mill is for cooling, during coke quenching, and reactor cooling at the Blast Furnace, on continuous casters and hot rolling.  Water is also used for cleaning off-gas, in Coke Ovens, Blast Furnaces, etc.  Other activities that involve water are de-scaling hot rolling, cleaning steel sheet surface, etc. Our aim is to use this irreplaceable bounty with utmost care.

At Palak Group, we follow various steps that encourage minimal wastage and pollution of water and also make way for smart use of reprocessed-treated water.

Effluent treatment plants (ETP):
To treat waste water and take the recycled water back to tanks for reuse in various processes

Sewage treatment plants (STP):
Sewage treatment plants have been established in offices to treat domestic waste generated from toilets and washroom. Treated water is used in green areas for watering purposes. No water is allowed to go out of the complex.

Water Reservoirs:
Large water reservoirs have been constructed at the plant to store water and also for rainwater harvesting purpose

Soft water borehole:
The organization has invested in a 10,000 liter borehole that serves the whole plant, as well as the neighboring communities.